How Much do I Need to Pay to Reschedule an Aeromexico Reservation?

If you have an Aeromexico reservation, then you are in luck as the airline allows its travelers to reschedule up to one hour before the flight departs. However, if you complete the changes within 24 hours of the flight’s departure, you can reschedule it for free. And, if you have a domestic flight ticket, you need to pay $200 against the change or $400 if you have an international booking.

The cost to change flight Aeromexico is minimal, and the flight change policy is quite flexible. The airline strives its best to accommodate the needs of as many travelers as possible with its flexible policies. Want more information on the flight change cost? Check out the forthcoming sections for relevant details!

Flight Change Cost of Aeromexico

Below-given is a charge sheet to keep in mind if you face inconveniences and now wish to change your flight:

  • If you have a basic fare, you need to pay nothing to change your reservation.
  • For classic, AM+, and comfort, the airline requires you to pay up to $300 for the reservation change depending on other factors.
  • Lastly, if you booked a Flexible or Premier Fare from Aeromexico, you can reschedule your flight for free.

So, the Aeromexico cost to change flight depends on the fare type to book a ticket. However, you can only make changes if you qualify for the terms and conditions mentioned by the airline. The next section covers some essential flight change conditions to ease your reschedule experience.

The Flight Change Terms and Conditions at Aeromexico 

Read the below-mentioned terms and conditions associated with the flight reschedule:

  • Aeromexico allows you to make same-day flight changes so that you can lead a seamless journey without any hassle. The condition here is that you complete the changes 24 hours before the flight’s departure.
  • However, if you booked a long-haul flight, you are exempted from the same-day change advantages.
  • The airline allows you to make same-day changes provided that you choose the same route and airports as the original reservation.
  • And, if you have checked in for your flight, you cannot choose a flight scheduled before the original reservation.
  • A traveler must pay all the dues, including change charges and fare differences, to get a new confirmed booking. 

Keeping in mind the mentioned conditions can help you skip paying the cost to change flight Aeromexico. Now you are ready to process the reschedule formalities; check out the next section to learn about the procedure in real-time!

Steps To Reschedule Your Aeromexico Reservation

Follow the given steps and find a new flight on your old itinerary:

  • Open the Aeromexico website and navigate the Manage Trip tab; click it.
  • Insert the confirmation code followed by the passenger's last name and then click the Find Trip button.
  • Choose your reservation to change it and proceed by selecting a new travel date.
  • Find a new flight that satisfies your new itinerary and confirm it by paying the applicable charges, if there are any.
  • Lastly, the airline sends you the booking confirmation number over your email address or contact number.

Now you know about Aeromexico cost to change flight and how you can process the change seamlessly. But if you face troubles in coming up with the changes yourself, you can try contacting the airline’s professionals. The agents can help you find a suitable itinerary schedule for your flight without having you face any troubles.

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